Why Coolant Filtration is Important


If you are an owner of a light-duty diesel truck, your water pump may lack a coolant filter making it more susceptible to damage from dirt and particles over time. This will cause necessary repairs and unnecessary headaches.

Extend the Life of Your Water Pump

During your truck’s diesel engine manufacture, sand casting likely occurred. Because of this, sand may have come into contact with your water pump seal, hose and radiator causing notable damage. Coolant filtration systems have the ability to remove damaging debris, thus prolonging the lifespan of your water pump and coolant parts.

Protect Your Coolant Components

Over time other caustic particles, such as metal shavings, rust, and mineral deposits, can come into contact with your coolant. These particles can decrease the overall heat capacity of your cooling system. A coolant filtration system can prevent particles from clogging your oil cooler. Most coolant filters are partial-flow filters, needing only 10% of coolant circulation at any specific time. If clogging occurs, sufficient amounts of coolant cannot be efficiently moved throughout your truck’s cooling system. This will require the need to replace your oil cooler, which can be very costly and labor-intensive.

Prevent Future Damage to Your Truck

The cooling system in your truck is an extreme environment. Maintenance is necessary to allow your engine to function properly. If your diesel truck lacks a proper coolant filtration system, do not hesitant to get one installed. Although regular maintenance is required to check for corrosion or debris buildup, a coolant filter is a relatively simple addition to prevent future damage to your engine and to avoid expensive repairs.

After your first installation of a coolant filter, you will be surprised to see how much debris buildup has already occurred. Do not neglect the importance of a proper coolant filtration system in your diesel engine.

Posted December 1, 2020 by Car Blog in category General