3 Tips For a Cleaner Car This Summer


Summertime always seems to bring with it a sense of freedom and adventure. We leave behind the tight schedules and school assignments for a season of fun and sun. Although the lack of structure is what we may long for, it can bring with it a few messy situations.

Whether you’re adventuring alone or with a car full of kiddos, it is likely that these summer outings may take a toll on the cleanliness of your vehicle. Your car will likely be the hub of some of this summer’s best memories, and doing your best to keep it tidy will surely enhance these good feelings.

Pick Up Every Time You Get Out

Just like with anything else in life, allowing things to pile up can lead to overwhelm. It is easy to go from one activity to another without taking the time to look around the car. But, if you can take just one or two minutes each time you get out of the car to quickly clear out anything you are done using, this will go a long way in keeping things tidy.

Check for cups, garbage, or even toys under the seats and put them away. You will be thanking yourself the next time you climb in for another trip.

Schedule Regular Washes

It is easy to go weeks without a car wash and not even realize it. Gone are the days of pulling out all the car washing and vacuuming equipment at home and spending an entire Saturday detailing your car. There are many a car wash and free vacuum Melbourne fl that make a regular wash so quick and easy. Make it a point to stop into a car wash at least bi-weekly. You will be cleaned out completely in a manner of minutes.

Make Use of Your Wait Times

So much of our time in the car is often spent waiting. Whether it’s in a parking lot, at a stoplight that never seems to change or even filling up on gas, there can be lots of downtime in your car. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to safely do some tidying up. Keep some wipes near the driver’s seat and use the wipes to wipe down your dashboard or driving column while you wait. You might even use this time to have the kiddos collect garbage or toys.



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What Happens if Your Windshield Chips or Cracks?


Many drivers take the windshields of their vehicles for granted most of the time. Then one day, something happens to the auto glass New Orleans requiring a repair or replacement. Some drivers regard this as optional since the windshield is not necessary to the vehicle’s operation. However, if you do not repair a chip or a crack, some very bad things can happen to your windshield.


Water is a highly cohesive substance, meaning that its particles tend to stick together. You may have noticed that water tends to bead up and form droplets when it hits your windshield or vehicle body. The cohesiveness of water causes surface tension, which can cause it to seep into the chip in your windshield. If the temperature gets cold enough, the water can freeze. Water expands as it freezes, meaning that the chip can become bigger, or a crack can form.


When water gets into the chip in your windshield, it often carries dirt along with it. Once dirt gets into a crack in your windshield, you can never get it back out again. This flaw may obstruct your vision while you are driving, a potentially dangerous situation.


A pane of auto glass is made up of several different layers. The top lamination is the layer that faces out toward the road. It connects to the center membrane. However, water in a chip or crack can cause the top lamination to pull away from the center membrane in a process called delamination. This can cause the membrane to become foggy, which further clouds your vision.

Another way that a chip or crack can affect your vision is by producing a glare when the sun shines on it. Driving with a windshield that is obscured by a crack or chip may get you into trouble with the law or cause an accident.

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Training a Bead Inspection Tool


Any industry has requirements for inspection, even pavement markings. Companies relying on automation use bead inspection to check for gaps, over-fillings, and other flaws that can cause problems with their machines. The tools used to check for these issues are trained on the proper appearance of the bead path, which allows them to identify any issues that can lead to runtime problems. Here are some things you need to know about using one of these tools.

Finding the Bead Path

Before you can train your tool for a specific path, you need to upload a sample image that your software can analyze and learn from. The tool will analyze the image provided and generate one or more rough paths to track your desired bead path. Based on the features in your image, you will likely receive one that is accurate and others that are not. Choose the best rough path before moving to the next step.

Editing a Rough Path

Be aware that even the best match may not be completely accurate. The good news is that you can edit the rough path to match the one in your machine. There will be a graphic tool that allows you to alter the path. It will produce bubbles along the rough path that you can drag and drop to edit. You can also open or close the path depending on your needs. Your rough path should follow the one in your machine as closely as possible when you are done. To train your machine, save your work. You can now use the tool to find any runtime problems.

Any company that relies on automation needs to inspect the bead paths to ensure there are no defects that could impact runtimes. By following these steps, you can properly check your bead path and train your inspection tool.

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Post Title 3 Tips for Protecting Against Car Thieves


Cars are a huge part of most people‚Äôs daily lives. For many people, cars are the only means of transportation they own that can get them safely to and from work, the grocery store and any other place they need to go. Being targeted by thieves can be devastating, and result in the loss of a vehicle and everything in it. However, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of theft. 

1. Hide Valuables

Leaving a purse, wallet or electronic device in plain view inside of a vehicle can allow potential thieves to see exactly what they can gain by breaking in. Some people store a spare key on the outside of their vehicle in case they get locked out. Experienced thieves will know where to look and how to gain entry quickly, so keep valuables out of sight and any car key duplication Orlando should be kept at home, in a purse or wallet or with a trusted friend or family member.

2. Secure Doors and Windows

Leaving the car windows open can provide an easy way for thieves to enter a vehicle or grab valuables off the front seat. Keep the windows shut when no one is inside of the vehicle, even if it is within sight. Doors should be locked at all times, even when the driver is on the road, as car thieves may attempt to open doors at stoplights or in parking lots.

3. Use Anti-Theft Systems

Most new cars come with alarms, but that is not the only way to protect a vehicle. Using a device to lock the steering wheel in place can be a good way to deter thieves. Other systems can be installed that will track stolen vehicles or prevent them from being started while enabled.

While no one wants to think that they may be at risk of car theft as they go about their daily routine, there is a possibility that something may occur. Stashing valuables, keeping doors and windows shut and locked and using anti-theft measures can help protect a vehicle.

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