The Best Penetrating Oil for Rusted Nuts


Leave anything outside for an extended period of time and corrosion is going to sent into the metal. Even stainless steel components can eventually develop rust. And when it comes to connection hardware, such as nuts and bolts, corrosion can be a big problem. For years, various off the shelf brands of penetrating oils have been available, with varying degrees of product success when actually applied to a corroded nut or bolt.

Fundamentally, the idea is that the oil applied has the ability to get into the grooves of the nut and bolt and provide lubrication so that, when twisting pressure is applied, the nut moves and ultimately loosens off the bolt. However, not every oil product out there works well or even at all.

The best penetrating oil for rusted nuts generally tends to be a product that applies a very thin oil that seeps into cracks and grooves quickly, and can be absorbed by the gunk and dirt typically present in corrosion situations. When applied liberally, these products work in a few minutes, with the target nut giving up its grip and twisting off easily after a little bit of effort to start the motion.

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Key Indicators of a Problem With Your Transmission


Car troubles can be some of the more frustrating to encounter in life, usually because the average motorist doesn’t know when to expect one. Though it can be a headache to deal with in the moment, there are many steps you can take in order to reduce the damage and catch the issue before it gets out of hand. Consider these warning signs of a transmission problem and see what you need to do to avoid disaster. 

Gear Problems

Perhaps the most noticeable issue you are likely to encounter with a problematic transmission is a difficulty shifting from one gear to the next. Since your transmission is directly responsible for this action, a component that won’t shift in a fast or smooth way is a strong indication of a problem. Don’t wait to have this serviced, either. As soon as you notice resistance with gear shifts, bring the vehicle to the pros. 

Peculiar Smells

Another warning sign of a problem with your transmission has to do with your nose. Cars and trucks produce all kinds of bad and awkward smells. However, some can be a sign of an issue. If you notice a burning smell when you’re driving, it may mean that you need to bring your vehicle in for transmission repair Lynnwood as soon as possible. 

Warning Light

In some cases, a transmission problem can be pinpointed thanks to an obvious message from your car’s internal computer. If the “check engine” light comes on, you should definitely bring the car to the professionals. While the issue might be nothing, it could also be your transmission about to give out on you.

While predicting some car troubles in advance can be challenging, you can put the odds in your favor by following a few basic rules. Take time to think about the warning signs of a problem with your transmission and see how easy it is to keep your car in the best shape.

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Problematic Car Noises You Need To Be Aware Of


When driving your car, do you hear odd noises? Don’t turn up the volume on your radio to tune out those sounds, because they could be signs of a significant problem. Here are the most problematic car noises that you should pay attention to.


You likely have a worn or loose serpentine belt if a squeal is coming from under your hood. If your belt snaps, then your car will not be able to function. It is best to call a mechanic to schedule a vehicle inspection to see if you need a new belt. 

If the squeals are only present when you use the brakes, then you likely have worn down your brake pads. The squealing noise is made due to the brake pad indicator rubbing against the rotor, and it’s a sign that you need to see a brake service Bloomington IL.


A roar that sounds like it’s coming from underneath the driver’s seat may be due to a crack in your exhaust system’s manifold. If your exhaust system is not working correctly, then carbon monoxide can be leaching into your cabin, which is very dangerous.


Do you hear a loud groan whenever you turn the steering wheel? Is the steering wheel also stiff and hard to turn? You may have a problem with your power steering pump. Don’t be tempted to let the issue go just because you can still drive – even if it is a little more challenging to turn the wheel. By continuing to drive under these conditions, you may be damaging your power system steering system, which can create safety issues. You don’t want to lose all control over your car’s steering in the middle of the road. Talk to a mechanic who specializes in fixing damaged power steering systems. 

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5 Benefits of Owning a New Tractor


If you are a farmer looking to get more out of your days or a homeowner who is always outside working in the yard, then a new tractor could be precisely what you need. Tractors have played an essential role in farming and agriculture for decades. Tractors have always helped farmers work efficiently and effectively, but they can do so much more in modern times. You no longer need to be a farmer to enjoy all the benefits a tractor has to offer.

From landscaping tasks, like tiling, planting, and spreading, to aiding outdoor activities like hunting, tractors can do it all. So whether you’re a big-time farmer looking for something like Massey Ferguson Tractors or an outdoor enthusiast looking for small L S Tractor Package Deals, there is something out there for you. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of owning a tractor

Tractors Increase Productivity

It may seem obvious, but you never truly understand how essential a tractor is to your everyday tasks until you own one. Buying the right tractor catered to your specific needs will help you get any job done quickly and effectively with half the effort. 

Saves Money

Coming out of pocket to purchase a new tractor can save you tons of money in the long run. On top of excellent gas mileage tractors, these days are much more durable, reliable, and last longer than those in the past. The more durable a tractor is, the less likely it will break down and need maintenance or repairs.

Multiple uses

You no longer need multiple machines to do different tasks. Tractors can do it all from snow removal, clearing land, building fences, transportation, and everything in between. These days tractors have tons of options and attachments to choose from to fit your specific needs. From loaders to trailers, box blades, cutters, and more, the possibilities are endless. 

Functionality and comfort

Today’s tractors are specifically designed to ensure comfort during your workday. So not only do they help you complete the daily tasks, you will feel great doing them too. With a great tractor, you will be able to operate with ease without any unnecessary effort. 

Make Extra Cash

Owning a tractor can also lead to extra money coming in. Whether you offer your services to a neighbor in need or rent out your tractor for a fixed price, owning a tractor can lead to lucrative opportunities.

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Compensation Awarded in Wrongful Death Claim


The death of a loved one causes an enormous emotional turmoil on family members. Unfortunately, the demise could also lead to extreme financial hardship. Wrongful death claims are the law’s way of easing the financial burden on families left behind after an entity or person causes their loved one’s wrongful death.

It’s essential to understand the scope of compensation you are legally accorded when you suffer the wrongful death of a loved one. Read on for what constitutes a wrongful death case, the types of compensation, and who can receive it.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim is a civil suit brought forward by the estate or survivors if the deceased passed away due to another party’s intentional actions or negligence. All states have specific rules that govern wrongful death claims, including who can sue for such a claim. Generally, a personal representative or family member of the deceased may make a claim. State rules specify when the claim can be made (period since the death).

Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

Generally, there are two broad categories of damages in wrongful death claims. The first is the damages recovered for the deceased’s suffering from the negligent act until their death. For example, if the deceased died after being hit by a car, this would refer to the period of suffering as they tried to get assistance, including medical aid, until they finally succumbed.

The period could range from a few hours to weeks; every case is different. The specific damages for this period may include the medical bills, pain and suffering of the deceased, lost wages, and even funeral and burial costs.

The second category covers the damages for losses suffered by the deceased’s next of kin due to the death. These damages are a tool to compensate the close family for their financial losses. Most state laws indicate that the particular damages are to compensate the family with the monetary value that the deceased would have brought, were it not for the untimely death.

There are other damages with the two broad categories specific to state laws; contacting a Chicago wrongful death attorney will help you know which of those you can receive in Chicago. For instance, some states will allow spouses to claim the loss of their consortium; a family member may also claim this. Loss of consortium is compensation for losing the deceased’s love and companionship. The same may apply where an adult parent has died and left underage children behind deprived of parental care, love, and companionship.

Who Does a Wrongful Death Claim Protect?

The type of damages awarded are strongly dependent on the relationship of the claimant with the deceased. Generally, damages in wrongful death claim may be awarded to the following:


Specifically, minor children may be awarded damages to compensate them for the benefits they lost from their child-patient relationship with the deceased.


Parents who have lost a minor child can recover damages for all the emotional trauma due to losing their kid.


Surviving spouses can claim the companionship lost due to the death. The surviving spouse may also recover compensation for the emotional trauma caused by the untimely loss.

Every Case Is Different

Depending on the circumstances of a case, the courts may choose to award punitive damages primarily when the defendant had acted in an unreasonably reckless manner. As soon as you speculate that your loved one’s death may have been a wrongful death scenario, you should speak to an attorney.

When the at-fault party realizes that you may make a claim, they are likely to offer you a settlement that is often way lower than the actual value of your claim. Refrain from making rushed decisions. Speak to a wrongful death attorney to at least help you calculate the real value of your claim. An attorney will also give you your possible options to make a sound decision from then on.

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