Preparing Documentation for Your Personal Injury Case


A car accident can leave you feeling scared, shaken, and vulnerable. If you have kids in the car, you have may even experience feelings of anger or guilt. Car accidents can have a significant impact on your mental and physical well-being. Too often people focus on the physical injuries of concussions, broken bones, or lacerations and downplay the effects of mental strain, losing time from work, and the financial impact it has on your family. Filing a personal injury claim may be one way to recoup your losses, though you will need careful documentation to support your case.

Take Lots of Pictures

Your auto insurance Lorton VA, agent will need pictures of the accident in order to process your claim, but you will also need this evidence if you plan to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. At a minimum, you should have photos of all the damage done to either vehicle, the location and area of the accident, the license plates for both vehicles, and any injuries that occurred because of the accident.

Write Everything Down

By keeping a journal, you can document everything that takes place post-accident. Include your levels of pain and discomfort, and track your healing progress. Take note of how long you miss work and complications that arise from the financial setback. Document everything.

Keep Track of Expenses

The medical expenses associated with your healing will be a crucial aspect of a personal injury compensation decision. Don’t just assume a lawyer will collect all the needed information. Keep track of anything that relates to your medical treatment. Create a file with summaries from doctor visits, prescription receipts, orders for tests and imaging, all correspondence with the insurance companies, and receipts for any co-pays or payments you had to make in order to receive treatment.

Although you may experience serious injuries or trauma that can’t be undone, winning a personal injury lawsuit can make things a little easier. Be sure to follow these tips for documenting your case.

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