Changing the Oil In Your Car


Performing car maintenance yourself can save you money in the long run and assure yourself that it is done correctly. It can be done according to your schedule as well and can be a great responsibility to pass on to your children. Here are a few steps to change the oil in your car.

Prepare the Vehicle

Gather all the tools and parts that you need before you start. This will require that you research the vehicle to see what is needed. If your car is older and parts are scarce, you may need to consult a third party provider or custom machine shop milton on to get them. Jack your car up on a lift to get a better look at what you are doing.

Drain the Old Oil

Situate a pan under your automobile where you suspect the oil will come from. Unscrew the plug that barricades it back then step back and watch it drain. This process can take some time and will take tools to complete. Determine where the oil filter is while this is happening and take it off. Remove anything that could be left behind including the O-ring that seals it. Throw out the old one in the proper disposal.

Put New Oil In Your Car

When the flow from your car stops, screw the plug back into your car. Be sure that it is tight before you continue. Secure this piece while avoiding it being too tight. Put a new filter in where it belongs including any gaskets that must be replaced.  This will remove the impurities that flow through the new fluid that you will add shortly. Pour the new oil into your vehicle until your dipstick indicates that it is full. Analyze your automobile for any leaks before you lower it and turn it on.


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How To Get Rid of Old Electronics


When you get a new laptop, upgrade your old TV, or bring in a brand new stereo system, chances are you’ll want to get rid of the old electronics that you’re replacing. The last thing you want to do, though, is to simply throw them in the trash. Not only is doing throwing electronics in the trash bad for the environment, but it may even be illegal in some areas. Here’s what you can do instead.

Contact a Scrap Company

Many times, the electronics you have are worth something to scrappers, even if they don’t work anymore. If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your old items, contact someone about Fort Lauderdale electronics recycling. The company will help you schedule a pick-up time and come to collect your electronics at the assigned times. There is usually a small cost for the service, but it makes up for itself with what you save in time. Remember, though, not all scrappers accept all materials. Ensure the one you choose accepts what you have before scheduling a pick-up.

Donate the Items

If your old items are still in good working order, consider donating them. Sometimes, schools, homeless shelters, libraries, or other places that tend to help the underprivileged will take in laptops and refurbish them for more use. Other times, places will take in stereos or televisions to keep kids entertained in foster homes or group homes. Even if you simply donate them at your local thrift store, it helps to ensure they get more use out of them and stay out of landfills.

Keep Them in Storage

If your old electronics still work, you may not want to get rid of them at all. After all, isn’t it a good idea to keep a backup? What if you accidentally wipe your new laptop and need something to work on while it gets fixed? Maybe your cat will somehow knock over the new TV and you’ll need a backup until you can buy a new one. It’s always a good idea to keep backup electronics if you have the space to store them.

Whether you donate them, keep them in storage, or call a recycling company to help you with your old electronics, one thing is certain. By keeping them out of landfills, you are helping to better the environment, even if just by a little bit. 



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3 Things on Your Car That You Might Need To Change


Most car owners realize that performing routine maintenance extends a car’s useful life and helps it run better. Even armed with that knowledge, there are a few tasks that seem to get overlooked. Be sure to check these three things on your vehicle regularly to help it perform its best well into the future.

1. Wiper Blades

A car’s wipers are easy to overlook, that is until it starts raining. Then, if yours are worn, dry or cracked, you are going to know it with reduced visibility and a greater than normal chance of getting into an accident. That’s why it’s a good idea to change out your wiper blades once a year. The spring is a good time because it lets the old blades take the brunt of any messy, icy weather.

2. Cabin Air Filter

This is another hidden part of your car that is far too easy to overlook. If you’ve had several cars from earlier than about 2000, you may not be as used to changing the cabin air filter as you are changing its engine-based cousin. However, this can cause you to unnecessarily breathe in potentially harmful substances.

A good rule of thumb is to change your filter every year; however, if that seems too often, you can always wait until you notice signs of a clogged filter. These include poor airflow through your vents, unusual noises when the fans are on, or foul odors coming from the vents.

3. Battery

Your car battery is another component that is critical to its operation, but easy to overlook when everything is running well. If you have any doubts about its condition, have the battery tested during your next service appointment. The results can give you an idea of when you’ll need to start shopping for new vehicle batteries Buffalo NY. With a brand new battery installed, you’ll lower the likelihood of getting stranded with a car that won’t start.

Changing your car’s wipers and cabin air filter every year can make driving safer and more comfortable, while having your battery checked and replaced as needed may help you avoid getting stranded.

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