I know that there are still many chess fans out there and that chess has been played for centuries. However, with the recent development of computer games and computer technology, I wonder if games like chess will be able to be as popular as they used to be. Today video games are very attractive for players to play. They contain a lot more content compared to chess, and they are also competitive in case of online games. A lot of games contain interesting storyline, graphics that are pleasant to look at, and even music suited to the atmosphere in the game. They also require thinking, some probably more and some less, but the fact is that they do require thinking. There is also a group of very complicated strategy games like Europa Universalis, Dominions, or Civilization, which might be competitors to chess. These games require analytical reasoning in order to win them, and due to many difficulty modes, a person may even never be able to completely master them. In these regards they are very similar to chess, but unlike chess, they also take advantage out of recent developments in technology. Chess might soon become a game that only people who never had any contact with computer games will be playing, as such people will usually have problems understanding the attractiveness of video games. Time will tell whether chess will stand the test of time.

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