Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windshield


Your windshield is part of your vehicle’s safety features. It protects you from weather and debris, but it also protects you during an accident. However, when your windshield is cracked, this safety mechanism is compromised. In addition, cracks and chips can impede your visibility and actually cause accidents. Therefore, you should get damaged windshields repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. These are a few tips to ensure that your new windshield lasts.

Delay Driving Your Vehicle

Whether you take your car to a shop or seek mobile windshield repair St Charles MO, you should avoid driving for at least one hour. To create a strong seal, the adhesive around your window needs to set completely. Therefore, wait as long as possible to drive. The bumps in the road and wind or debris hitting the car can compromise this seal.

Leave the Retention Tape

Retention tape is typically used to improve the seal on your windshield because it prevents the moldings from moving. Leaving this tape on will protect these moldings as they dry, keeping out dirt and debris. Therefore, the retention tape should be left on your vehicle for at least the first 48 hours or so. Once your adhesive is dry, it is safe to remove the tape.

Crack Your Windows

For at least 24 hours, keep your windows cracked at least one inch. As your car sits, air pressure builds up on the inside. This pressure pushes against your windshield, compromising your adhesive, and may result in leaks or other damage.

Avoid the Car Wash

Car washes typically use high-pressured water to wash your car. This pressure can get under your new windshield seal, preventing them from adhering properly. It is best to avoid washing your car all together for the first few days, but if you have to wash your vehicle, consider hand washing the parts that need cleaned. Avoid washing around the windshield if it is at all possible for at least 48 hours.

The first few days of your new windshield’s installation will determine its longevity. Find a reputable replacement service and follow these tips to ensure a long-lasting windshield.

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Things To Do With A Vehicle When You Don’t Have Room In Your Driveway Or Garage After Moving


It is not uncommon for people to run into various hiccups after moving to new locations. For starters, perhaps the houses don’t have nearly enough storage space. As such, individuals must figure out what to do with extra stuff that takes up too much room. If they do nothing, homeowners/renters could be left with boxes stacked upon boxes in their garages, attics, basements, or even living rooms.

Luckily, there are storage units for just such occasions. People can lease them and store belongings away until they need to retrieve them later. What about oversized items like vehicles, though? Sometimes, owners cannot park them in their driveways or even in front of their houses on the streets due to neighborhood restrictions. If you’re currently experiencing this problem, truck storage Salisbury MA could be the perfect solution.

A Safe Place To Park Your Ride

Numerous organizations offer truck storage services, but before opening the phone book, closing your eyes, and pointing to making a selection, it is in your best interest to research the companies first. After all, not all storage facilities are created equal, and only the best will do for your baby. Some of the things you’ll want to ensure the place you choose has are as follows.

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Bright Outdoor Lighting
  • A Lot With A Fence And A Gate
  • Access Control

With such security measures in place, you can rest easy at night, knowing that your vehicle is safe. Gaining peace of mind when your car isn’t at home can make all of the difference in the world. So, store your auto away at a truck storage location after moving if need be. The action can prove to be beneficial in many ways.

You Could Always Sell Your Truck

People can also sell their vehicles when they don’t have room following moves. However, just because a person relocates, that doesn’t mean they want to get rid of their possession, especially when the possession is a mode of transportation. So if you land in this category, don’t fret. Instead, utilize truck storage and keep the title to your ride in your name.

There are often many things one must consider after moving. If where you’re going to park your vehicles pops up, just know that you don’t have to unload your car. Instead, you can hide it away at a truck storage facility.


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What To Do After a Car Wreck


You are driving down the road and someone pulls in front of you suddenly. You don’t have time to stop, and you end up in a wreck. Knowing the right things to do next can help you handle the situation as smoothly as possible.

Get to a Safe Place

Chances are that your accident has left you and the other person in the line of traffic. The first thing you need to do is make sure everyone can get safely to the side of the road so that other drivers are less likely to hit you.

Call Emergency Personnel

Even if your accident was just a fender bender, one or multiple parties may still have injuries. Call an ambulance so that everyone can be checked out and assured they’re ok. You also need to contact the police to have a record of the wreck. 

Arrange for Car Repairs

It is unlikely that you will be able to drive your car away from the scene of the accident. If you need car repair Brigham City UT, the earlier you call, the sooner you will be back on the road. The auto shop also probably has a towing service to help you get your vehicle to its location. 

File an Insurance Claim

You pay monthly premiums for car insurance so that you don’t have large out-of-pocket expenses when accidents happen. When another driver is involved, you need his or her insurance information as well. Gather all the documentation you need to file your insurance claim.

A wreck can ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to completely disrupt your life. Most car accidents cause some damage, but most of it can be repaired or healed. If you take these steps when an accident happens, you should be back on the road in no time.

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Hard Money Loans: 5 Ways to Avoid Online Lending Fraud


As a real estate investor, finding a funding source for your projects is instrumental. Working with a hard money lender is among the best avenues you can use to meet your goals. While this can be beneficial to you in the long run, you should also be aware of the pending risks. Online lending fraud makes it hard for investors to get the best results from their effort hence the need to learn ways of avoiding them.

Avoid Lenders Asking for Collector’s Fee

The prospect of funding your real estate project can be overwhelming, but it also makes you vulnerable to several risks. You should note that some lenders will charge upfront fees without funding any loans. You should be aware of lenders who ask for collector’s fees or have upfront or hidden charges without processing or ascertaining your funding.

Avoid Giving Out Personal or Sensitive Information

You can get into trouble when you give out sensitive information to lenders. This is especially when dealing with online lenders. You should never submit forms without verifying the legitimacy of the lender. Social security numbers, banking information, and driving license number are sensitive information that you should never give out.

Use Word of Mouth to Find a Lender

There are several hard money lenders you can work with. You should, however, seek referrals and recommendations to find one. This is vital as you will avoid online lending fraud when directed to a reputable lender.

Always Check for License and Registration

While it can be hard ascertaining the legitimacy of the license or registration the lender possesses, there are effective parameters you can use. Seek to know what makes the right license before looking for a lender in the market. It is easier to avoid online lending fraud when you can ascertain the license and registration status.


Look at their website and other social media profiles, as this will help you determine the company’s legitimacy and the services rendered. Social media profiles help you know their reputation and the relationship with previous clients.

Utilizing the services of a hard money lender is a stepping stone to achieving your objectives. You should, however, be keen enough to avoid lending fraud by following the above ways.

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