Equipment Needed To Keep Your Farm Running Smoothly


Running a farm year-round is much easier when you have the right equipment ready to go. The fields require tending in different ways, which means you need to have a variety of trucks to get your farm in tip-top shape. Here are some of the most common types of machinery found on a farm.


Even tiny children associate tractors with the farm. This truck is the most common piece of machinery found out in the fields. Tractors are used to pull trailers and other equipment through the crops to complete just about any type of job. Heavy tractor towing Anderson CA is available to transport tractors that need to be moved to another area or that need repair work.


A plow is a tractor attachment that has the ability to dig long ditches into the ground where seeds need to be planted. It kills any surface plants that don’t need to be there and loosens the soil to prime it for planting. This is the first step towards adding a new farm crop.


Balers help collect corn, straw and hay and wrap it into round, bale shapes that are used to feed animals. The shape makes them easier to store in the barn until they are needed.


Large farms require a seeder to help spread seed as quickly as possible across the fields. This is an efficient way to plant crops when it is a farmer’s lifestyle.


Spreaders are used to release fertilizer across fields. This helps the crops grow as bountifully as possible. Different types of spreaders are used based on the type of fertilizer the crops require.

Farmwork is a heavy-duty responsibility and machines help take the load off. Using farm equipment is an efficient way to plant, plow and harvest money-making crops.

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