3 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-up


Automobiles require maintenance to keep them operational. You should have tune-ups performed on a regular basis, but it is easy to forget, especially if your car seems to be operating normally. 

If you notice any adverse changes to your car’s operation, you should have a tune-up performed right away, regardless of where it is in the regular maintenance schedule. Here are some specific issues to take notice of. 

1. Increased Fuel Consumption

There are several problems that could cause your car to consume more fuel than normal. It could be poor wheel alignment or a problem with the emission system. You should take your car to auto repair Apopka FL to a professional who can determine what the problem is and fix it. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of money on fuel unnecessarily. It is a good idea to track your fuel consumption and your gas mileage, but if you have been driving your car for a while, you probably have an idea of how often you need to refuel and should notice if you suddenly need to do it more often. 

2. Reduced Braking Ability

It is not only annoying when your brakes do not respond reliably, but it is also dangerous. You may not be able to control your forward momentum, meaning that you could crash into an object, another vehicle, or a pedestrian, potentially injuring yourself and someone else in the process. Address the issue immediately if you notice a decrease in your braking ability for everyone’s sake. 

3. Strange Noises

You may notice unusual noises such as squealing or clanking coming from your vehicle. The issues that cause them do not get better if you ignore them, but if you have them checked out right away, you may be able to prevent further damage. 

Routine maintenance helps to prevent repair issues and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Ask if your mechanic can send you reminders when it is time for your regular tune-up. 

Posted March 4, 2022 by Car Blog in category General