3 Things You Should Know about Termite Control


There is almost nowhere in the world that doesn’t need to deal with and control pests. The types of pests vary by location. One of these pests is the termite. Here are three things you should know about termite control.

1. Types of Termites

There are many different types of termites, some of which may not even be dangerous or require pest control, such as common termites in soil on your property. There are different species of termite, some of which construct underground or above-ground termite nests. Others will nest within wood and timber. There are also different termite life stages. Your treatment options will depend on termite species, life stage and location.

2. Pest Control Options

Most options for termite treatment involve the use of various pesticide chemicals. The amounts and types of chemicals involved, as well as the application of them, will depend on the size of the infestation. Large infestations typically require full fumigation of your home, while smaller infestations or those that you caught early can be successfully spot treated. Make sure you get a thorough inspection performed by an experienced professional. He or she can determine the type of treatment you need and how much of your home needs to be treated.

3. Things You Can Do

Like many other pests, termites can be dangerous to deal with if you aren’t a professional. It’s not a good idea to attempt to treat them on your own. However, there are certain preventive measures you can take if you’re worried about termites. Regularly check for signs of termites in soil and structures on your property. You should also regularly clear excess soil and other kinds of debris from your home’s foundation. This will reduce your risk of infestation.

You should make sure you know how to recognize an infestation and when to call professional pest control services for help.

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