4 Ways To Improve the Look and Performance of Your Vehicle


Whether you want to spruce up your old car or turn your new one into your dream vehicle, you have a lot of options for upgrades. Consider these four ways you can improve your current ride.

1. Tint the Windows

Tinted window installation Elmont NY has more benefits than just looking cool. Tinted windows can block up to 99% of the UV radiation from sunlight, which can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Window tints also provide additional protection against flying shards of glass by helping hold the windshield together when the glass breaks. Tinting can also help keep your upholstery from fading and block some of the heat from the sun. Finally, window tinting helps reduce glare from the sun, which can make driving safer and provides the occupants of your vehicle with increased privacy.

2. Upgrade the Tires

A new set of premium wheels can be a great way to improve both the look and the performance of your vehicle. High-quality tires can improve handling, increase safety, improve fuel efficiency and provide another option for customizing the look of your ride.

3. Change the Spark Plugs

One of the best things about this upgrade is that it is easy to do yourself and inexpensive to buy the parts. Better spark plugs can translate to increased engine power and more efficient fuel usage.

4. Add a Back-Up Camera

Back-up cameras can make tricky maneuvers a breeze, including parallel parking or backing out of a space in a busy parking lot. These onboard cameras allow you to see what is behind you without turning around and usually come with graphics to help you park or back up safely.

These four upgrades can help you take advantage of new safety technology and improve the look and performance of your vehicle. Consider adding one or more of them during your next vehicle upgrade.

Posted September 26, 2020 by Car Blog in category General