3 Types of Commercial Trucks


The Department of Transportation enforces regulations on public roads to keep drivers and passengers safe. However, accidents can still occur with a commercial motor vehicle that fails to meet proper safety standards. Since they’re larger and heavier than most vehicles, accidents involving commercial trucks are more likely to cause serious injury or death. It’s important to know the three types of commercial vehicles companies typically use to transport essential goods.

Delivery Trucks

Delivery trucks are smaller than most commercial vehicles, that fact alone doesn’t protect drivers from serious accidents. Since delivery-based businesses are on the rise, more of them hire as many drivers as possible to stay competitive by securing deliveries. However, companies that emphasize speed over safety puts motorists and pedestrians at risk. However, by training drivers how to safely operate delivery trucks, companies end up spending significantly less on property damage expenses and medical treatment.

Flatbed Trucks

Landscaping businesses use flatbed trucks to transport large timber and gardening supplies, typically bringing goods from a consumer store to a residential area. Flatbed vehicles sometimes transport natural waste to recycling services. They also carry farm commodities such as grains with tires that gain traction on muddy roads. However, mobile truck repair Dallas TX for flatbed vehicles tend to be costly.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks carry a variety of liquids and gases. Although most companies exercise precaution by sending tanker trucks that transport dry goods, other organizations take the risk of sending trucks that transport hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, in the case of an accident, there is an increased risk for fires and explosions to occur on the road. The potential widespread extent of damage can impact other drivers and passengers.

In the context of an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, identifying what type of vehicle was involved will help strengthen your credibility in the case of a lawsuit. Contacting an attorney who will help you gain adequate compensation is also an important part of the legal process.

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