Car Maintenance Tips for Your Teen Driver


Teen drivers must take in an overwhelming amount of information. Learning how to drive safely and follow all rules are priorities, of course. At some point, teens will likely assume responsibility for car care, either that of the family car or of one they own. As a parent, don’t let your teenage driver off the hook; make certain they learn how to maintain a car, a valuable lifelong skill, by performing the following tasks.

Drive Appropriately

Novice drivers should avoid driving aggressively, not just because doing is safe but also is mechanically advantageous. Slamming on the brakes wears them and the tires out prematurely. Accelerating hard stresses the engine and transmission, and it can lead to unnecessary flexplate or flywheel replacement Bristol RI.

Replace Essentials Routinely

If driven responsibly, your teenager’s car should need big-ticket items replaced only occasionally. Other accessories should be changed more often according to the service manual. These items include oil and oil filters, air filters and wiper blades. Additionally, they should rotate the tires as specified.

Monitor for Problems

Go over how to spot potential problems by having them do the following: First, keep an eye on tires, the most important car part because it keeps the driver safely on the road. Gauge the tread depth monthly and air pressure weekly. Second, pop the hood and examine the different components. Check fluid levels, belt play and hose pliability. Third, pay attention to dashboard warning lights. Read the owners manual section that explains what each represents.

Perform Regular Service

Have your young driver follow through on additional routine services. He or she should meet with a trusted mechanic and discuss the owners manual recommendations.

Teenage drivers will benefit from learning the basics of car maintenance early on. Doing so will ensure not only that their car will last a long time, but also not leave them stranded far from home.


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