Problematic Car Noises You Need To Be Aware Of


When driving your car, do you hear odd noises? Don’t turn up the volume on your radio to tune out those sounds, because they could be signs of a significant problem. Here are the most problematic car noises that you should pay attention to.


You likely have a worn or loose serpentine belt if a squeal is coming from under your hood. If your belt snaps, then your car will not be able to function. It is best to call a mechanic to schedule a vehicle inspection to see if you need a new belt. 

If the squeals are only present when you use the brakes, then you likely have worn down your brake pads. The squealing noise is made due to the brake pad indicator rubbing against the rotor, and it’s a sign that you need to see a brake service Bloomington IL.


A roar that sounds like it’s coming from underneath the driver’s seat may be due to a crack in your exhaust system’s manifold. If your exhaust system is not working correctly, then carbon monoxide can be leaching into your cabin, which is very dangerous.


Do you hear a loud groan whenever you turn the steering wheel? Is the steering wheel also stiff and hard to turn? You may have a problem with your power steering pump. Don’t be tempted to let the issue go just because you can still drive – even if it is a little more challenging to turn the wheel. By continuing to drive under these conditions, you may be damaging your power system steering system, which can create safety issues. You don’t want to lose all control over your car’s steering in the middle of the road. Talk to a mechanic who specializes in fixing damaged power steering systems. 

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