The Best Penetrating Oil for Rusted Nuts


Leave anything outside for an extended period of time and corrosion is going to sent into the metal. Even stainless steel components can eventually develop rust. And when it comes to connection hardware, such as nuts and bolts, corrosion can be a big problem. For years, various off the shelf brands of penetrating oils have been available, with varying degrees of product success when actually applied to a corroded nut or bolt.

Fundamentally, the idea is that the oil applied has the ability to get into the grooves of the nut and bolt and provide lubrication so that, when twisting pressure is applied, the nut moves and ultimately loosens off the bolt. However, not every oil product out there works well or even at all.

The best penetrating oil for rusted nuts generally tends to be a product that applies a very thin oil that seeps into cracks and grooves quickly, and can be absorbed by the gunk and dirt typically present in corrosion situations. When applied liberally, these products work in a few minutes, with the target nut giving up its grip and twisting off easily after a little bit of effort to start the motion.

Posted August 28, 2021 by Car Blog in category General