3 Tips For a Cleaner Car This Summer


Summertime always seems to bring with it a sense of freedom and adventure. We leave behind the tight schedules and school assignments for a season of fun and sun. Although the lack of structure is what we may long for, it can bring with it a few messy situations.

Whether you’re adventuring alone or with a car full of kiddos, it is likely that these summer outings may take a toll on the cleanliness of your vehicle. Your car will likely be the hub of some of this summer’s best memories, and doing your best to keep it tidy will surely enhance these good feelings.

Pick Up Every Time You Get Out

Just like with anything else in life, allowing things to pile up can lead to overwhelm. It is easy to go from one activity to another without taking the time to look around the car. But, if you can take just one or two minutes each time you get out of the car to quickly clear out anything you are done using, this will go a long way in keeping things tidy.

Check for cups, garbage, or even toys under the seats and put them away. You will be thanking yourself the next time you climb in for another trip.

Schedule Regular Washes

It is easy to go weeks without a car wash and not even realize it. Gone are the days of pulling out all the car washing and vacuuming equipment at home and spending an entire Saturday detailing your car. There are many a car wash and free vacuum Melbourne fl that make a regular wash so quick and easy. Make it a point to stop into a car wash at least bi-weekly. You will be cleaned out completely in a manner of minutes.

Make Use of Your Wait Times

So much of our time in the car is often spent waiting. Whether it’s in a parking lot, at a stoplight that never seems to change or even filling up on gas, there can be lots of downtime in your car. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to safely do some tidying up. Keep some wipes near the driver’s seat and use the wipes to wipe down your dashboard or driving column while you wait. You might even use this time to have the kiddos collect garbage or toys.



Posted April 30, 2021 by Car Blog in category General