What Happens if Your Windshield Chips or Cracks?


Many drivers take the windshields of their vehicles for granted most of the time. Then one day, something happens to the auto glass New Orleans requiring a repair or replacement. Some drivers regard this as optional since the windshield is not necessary to the vehicle’s operation. However, if you do not repair a chip or a crack, some very bad things can happen to your windshield.


Water is a highly cohesive substance, meaning that its particles tend to stick together. You may have noticed that water tends to bead up and form droplets when it hits your windshield or vehicle body. The cohesiveness of water causes surface tension, which can cause it to seep into the chip in your windshield. If the temperature gets cold enough, the water can freeze. Water expands as it freezes, meaning that the chip can become bigger, or a crack can form.


When water gets into the chip in your windshield, it often carries dirt along with it. Once dirt gets into a crack in your windshield, you can never get it back out again. This flaw may obstruct your vision while you are driving, a potentially dangerous situation.


A pane of auto glass is made up of several different layers. The top lamination is the layer that faces out toward the road. It connects to the center membrane. However, water in a chip or crack can cause the top lamination to pull away from the center membrane in a process called delamination. This can cause the membrane to become foggy, which further clouds your vision.

Another way that a chip or crack can affect your vision is by producing a glare when the sun shines on it. Driving with a windshield that is obscured by a crack or chip may get you into trouble with the law or cause an accident.

Posted April 23, 2021 by Car Blog in category General