What to Look for in a Crate Engine


Repair or replace? That tired, worn-out engine in Old Blue Streak needs work. Or maybe it is time to give Old Blue a shot of adrenaline but a DIY engine rebuild is not in the cards. Swapping that old mill for a shiny new crate engine could be the answer.

Shipped finished and ready to install, some crated engines have been torn down and rebuilt to exact specifications. Others are shipped as-is used or brand new. Specific applications, such as Chevy HP crate engines Phoenix AZ, are designed to improve performance in cars, trucks, street rods and 4x4s.

New Lease on Life

Swapping an old engine for a crate engine will extend the car or truck’s useful life.

As engines wear, reduced performance can add strain to other components. A replacement will improve fuel efficiency and reliability, reducing the risk of a roadside breakdown. Replacing that old engine with a crate engine will also put an end to the constant stream of repairs needed to keep Old Blue on the road.

What’s in the Crate

  • Remanufactured engines have been fully disassembled, re-machined as needed, worn parts replaced and reassembled according original factory specs. Remanufactured is identical or as near as possible to original manufacturer performance and reliability.
  • Rebuilt engines have been torn down and rebuilt with new parts that match OEM specs but offer upgraded performance. The result is an engine that exactly matches the dimensions of the old engine but with greater performance and reliability.
  • Used crated engines are shipped without major repairs or replacements. Used engines are much less expensive but also sold as is and carry a higher risk of failure.
  • New engines are also available as crates. They have never been used and offered in the exact specs and set-up as the original engine.

Ask the supplier for a crate engine compatible with the vehicle being rebuilt, quality components in the rebuild and a performance warranty.

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