Repair versus Replacing Car Glass


Hopefully a broken piece of glass on your vehicle is a situation you never have to deal with. However, if it does happen it’s important to know your options. There are a few items to consider if you should repair or replace your auto glass. The two most important items are the visibility for the driver and the structural integrity of the glass.

What To Look For To Determine Auto Glass Replacement or Repair

You should consider a car window repair if during a accident the glass will not decrease your passengers safety. The crack will also need to be shorter than twelve inches or less than an inch if it’s in the shape of a circle. Another way to consider if you need car glass repair  is if your crack is on the outside of the glass and hasn’t penetrated into the inside. You also need to consider where the crack is located. In order to consider repairing then the crack needs to be at least three inches away from the outer margin of the glass.

You should consider auto glass replacement if the damage to glass is obstructing the drivers view. This is by far the most important factor as it can lead to other accidents due to not having a clear view of the road. You should also measure the crack, if it’s over fourteen inches long or has a circle larger than three inches then typically most mobile auto glass repair companies will want you to replace the auto glass because the structural integrity of the glass is likely compromised. You can also check to see if the crack has made it into the inside of the glass. If this is the case you should definitely look at a replacement because the glass now has a very weak point.  If the crack is around the edges of the glass, most windshield chip repair companies will want to do full replacement because they will not be able to guarantee a repair.

Safety Factor

Like all issues in the automotive world, safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered when making a decision for your vehicle. It is usually not an issue to drive with a crack for a short period of time however you should get it repaired or replaced as soon as you can. Any additional driving when you have a crack in the glass can cause the crack to spread from the vibration of the vehicle operating.

Consider Visibility

Driving a vehicle that decreases the drives view of the road because of a crack in the windshield is a huge safety risk. In some states it’s considered illegal and can cost you a hefty fine. If crack in a windshield is anywhere in line with the windshield wiper path than you should consider doing a full replacement.

Size of The Damage

With today’s technology it seems there is always new tools or ways for your to easily repair your windshield. You want to keep in mind that there are still limitations on when you can repair the glass and its based off the size of the damage. Anything larger than twelve inches or a three inch circle you will be recommended to do a full replacement and not a repair.



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