Ways of Preventing Wear and Tear on Your Kia Vehicle


Kia vehicles have a reputation for outstanding reliability that keeps their maintenance at a bare minimum. That notwithstanding, standard parts like brake pads, plugs, clutches, and others will always experience tear and wear. You may have to regularly seek Kia maintenance Santa Ana services to keep your car in optimum condition.

How You Can Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Kia Vehicle

You may want to avoid some practices that can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Still, other practices may be suitable for your car. The following is an outline of what you observe to maintain your Kia vehicle in good shape.

Avoid Extended Warming Up

Too much warm-up is unnecessary in modern Kia cars. That is not to say that you should not warm up the car before taking off at all. You only need to warm it up for a few seconds to raise its temperature to normal levels.

Be Soft on Brake and Clutch Pedals

While driving, try to be gentle on the pedals since too much grinding causes them to wear out faster. If you make it a habit of pressing them only when necessary, you may contribute to their longer lifespan. You can practice placing your foot gently on the brake pedal, ready to press when the need arises without pushing it unnecessarily.

Slow Down

Why drive beyond the standard speed limit, yet there is no emergency? Speeding means that you will have to break at once and hard in case you meet an obstruction. Emergency braking takes a toll on the tires since the road surface rubs against the treads and wears them out.

Take Your Vehicle for Professional Maintenance

Kia recommends that you take the vehicle for service every six months after covering at least 6213 miles (about 10,000 kilometers). Observe your car and take it for Kia maintenance Santa Ana when it fulfills either of the two conditions. However, it remains your responsibility to ensure you make good use of your car to avoid unnecessary damage.

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