3 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle’s Catalytic Converter From Theft


When it comes to car parts, catalytic converters have significant value. This is because of the precious metals this part often contains. Unfortunately, it is also fairly easy to remove which makes it particularly vulnerable to theft.

While many car owners enjoy taking their high quality catalytic converter Virginia to a local recycling center after their car is at the end of its life, some people do not have the opportunity to do so before someone else steals it. Read on to learn 3 tips to protect your vehicle from this kind of misfortune.

1. Park in Good Lighting

Although it is not always possible, it is always safer to park in well-lit areas where someone can easily spot a thief trying to remove a car part. If there is a spot that you can see from an apartment or office window, even better.

2. Park in a Garage

Another option that is sometimes available is garage parking. If you do this, make sure to close the door. It may sound like a silly suggestion, but it can be surprisingly easy to forget to shut the garage door before going into the house for the night.

3. Weld Your Converter to Your Vehicle’s Frame 

If garages and good lighting are not feasible for you and you really want your catalytic converter to be secure, a third solution is to have a professional weld the part to your vehicle’s frame. Doing this will definitely make it harder to steal.

No one wants to walk up to his or her car with plans to drive only to realize someone has stolen a critical component of the vehicle’s exhaust system. While some things are ultimately out of your control, following these tips can help you prevent this from happening as much as possible. 

Posted July 6, 2021 by Car Blog in category General