Monthly Preventative Maintenance To Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly


Each time you take your truck out for a drive, wear and tear is occurring. Unexpected big repairs could be prevented with a few simple preventative maintenance tasks. Doing these at home can extend the life of your vehicle while saving you money. Get started with preventative maintenance at home with these simple tasks you should do each month.


Extend your batteries life by giving it a quick inspection every month. Over time, corrosion can appear on your car’s battery, reducing its lifespan. Use a clean wire brush to scrape off any noticeable corrosion. If there is a significant amount of rust, use a water and baking soda solution to easily clean the terminals. While you are focused on the battery, tighten up the nuts on the battery to ensure it stays snugly in place. If during your inspection you notice you need some replacement parts, you can order used GMC truck parts online.


Most truck owners are familiar with checking motor oil and the required oil change schedule. However, your truck has several other fluids than need to be checked on. Most vehicles have transmission, coolant, brake, and washer fluids besides motor oil. Remove the caps for each fluid and inspect the level in each. Top off any fluids that appear low. Always check coolant levels through the transparent refill container to avoid getting scalded.

Air Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure protects you from flats and blowouts. It can also increase your miles per gallon. Temperature changes from month to month can affect the air pressure in your tires. It’s best to check tire pressure when the tires are cold, but if you have recently driven your vehicle, simply add 4 PSI to the reading. Check the optimal air pressure range on the placard located inside the doorjamb on the driver’s side. If it’s missing, your truck’s owner’s manual will have the information.

Air Filter

While air filters usually only need to be replaced a couple of times a year, it’s helpful to check them monthly. A working air filter will allow light to come through. Check your truck’s filter by holding it up to a powerful light source. If the light doesn’t come through even after dusting it off, it’s time for a replacement.

Taking charge of these simple maintenance tasks each month can keep your truck running smoothly. Consider setting a recurring reminder on your phone or calendar to make sure you never miss a month.

Posted July 29, 2020 by Car Blog in category General