Choosing Energy Sources to Lower Your Carbon Footprint


All across the planet, people are trying to figure out more environmentally-friendly ways to power their cars, businesses and homes. No perfect fuel source has been found, and perhaps none will ever be. However, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, incorporate a combination of the following fuel sources into your lifestyle.

Gasoline Alternatives

The idea of going to a gas station and pumping ten or fifteen gallons of gasoline into your car’s tank is ingrained in American culture. However, gasoline is made from petroleum, a highly flammable substance that is expensive and dangerous to extract. A variety of alternatives use different kinds of natural gas. These include compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas. While it may be harder to find LNG fueling stations California than traditional gas stations, the extra time you put into your search is worth it for the benefit to the environment. 

Solar Energy

At the moment, solar energy’s most practical applications involve powering homes and businesses. If your roof receives enough sunlight, install solar panels, or, if you have extensive property, set them up on your land. Many solar panels generate more electricity than homeowners use, so you can sell the excess to your local power company. This form of alternative energy does require a significant investment, but you earn the money back over time since you have to purchase less electricity from your power company.

Physical Labor

Do not discount your own energy as a means of completing tasks that you usually do with electricity. Buy a push mower instead of one that runs on gas or electricity to save the planet and get a great workout whenever the grass gets too long. Walk or bike to local stores and your job, if possible. When you are in public, take the stairs instead of the elevator and push open doors instead of using automatic openers, if you are able. These measures may seem inconsequential, but if many people take them, they have a large positive impact on the environment.

As you figure out how to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, it’s easy to become frustrated with the process of finding alternative energy sources. By using these different energy types, you accustom yourself to a lifestyle that’s easier on the planet. Whenever you feel discouraged, remember the beauty of the natural world and focus on preserving that beauty for the generations who will live after you. 

Posted July 7, 2020 by Car Blog in category General