Keep Your Car in Tip-top Shape With Yearly Maintenance


A car needs to be inspected yearly to maintain the best performance. Normal driving can reduce fluids, increase wear and tear and decrease safety, which means you need a maintenance checklist to ensure your vehicle is running as well as possible. Here are some essential things to check on a yearly basis.

Check Brakes

Working brakes are an essential item in your car. If you notice any strange noises or less braking power, it’s time to have a clutch & brake repair Houston TX service check them out. When it’s been a year without any issues, it’s still important to have them inspected for wear and imperfections.

Flush Coolant

The coolant keeps your engine from overheating, but it can get contaminated over time. A yearly flush and refresh can ensure your engine keeps purring as well as possible.

Inspect Steering Components

Take a look at your steering and suspension components to make sure there aren’t any problems. If you notice any drifting, excess bumpiness or weird noises, it may indicate an issue with these parts. A mechanic can help you solve the problem.

Change Filters

The purpose of a filter is to collect dirt, dust and debris before it enters the delicate areas of your engine. Because of this, they can stop working well once they are full of contaminants. Changing the filters can increase the airflow and optimize the performance of your vehicle.

Lubricate Doors and Hinges

The doors on your car open and close hundreds to thousands of times in a year. Adding a lubricant to the hinges and moving parts on your doors can increase the life of these items. It can also prevent squeaks and corrosion from building up in these areas.

Taking the time to maintain your car can lead to years of trustworthy performance from the vehicle.

Posted May 1, 2022 by Car Blog in category General