How to Keep Your Car Maintained for Maximum Trade-In Value Later


Your car may be serving your needs, but if you dream of something faster, sleeker, bigger or smaller in the future, taking care of your car now will boost its trade-in value later. Even if you want your current ride to last for a few years, take care of it like it’s something precious to reap the benefits when it’s time to sell.

Outside Care

If possible, try to park your car under a cover as much as possible. The less direct exposure to the elements, the better the paint job is going to hold up. Get your car washed on a regular basis. Having a shiny exterior will inspire you to take care of the whole care. If you live in certain climates, it may make sense to get protection from sun Ocala FL with window tinting. In addition to just making your car more comfortable to get into in the summer, it can keep the interior from fading and dashboard from cracking.

Interior Cleaning

At some point, you will probably spill something or drop a French fry inside your car. The sooner you can clean up interior spills the less chance they have of creating permanent stains. Although ten years down the road your car won’t look new anymore, it can still have a like-new interior which is a big selling point for used cars.

Regular Maintenance

Cars need regular maintenance to run their best. Tire pressure and oil should be checked monthly. About every 3-4 months, change the oil. If you create a chart, you can check off all the upkeep you do on your car to show a dealership when you’re ready to trade or sell. Don’t skip the yearly check-ups to replace belts, hoses and fluids even if the car is running well. Problems caught early are less expensive to correct.

You may not be driving the car of your dreams now but taking care of the car you do drive will help you get the car you want by providing you with a higher trade-in value in the future.

Posted January 12, 2021 by Car Blog in category General