How To Become a Truck Driver


There are many benefits to becoming a driver with worldwide trucking services Linden NJ or a smaller outfit. Although you do need specific training, you do not need an advanced education. The pay can be very lucrative, and because drivers are in such high demand, you may be able to negotiate for the salary and hours that you want. You can travel to many interesting places, and you can make a lot of good friends on the road.

Nevertheless, there are steps involved in the process of becoming a truck driver. Here is a general overview.

1. Meet the General Requirements

There are certain general requirements that you must meet as a prospective truck driver. You must be at least 21 years old, and while you do not have to have attended college, you should at least have a high school diploma or GED. Before you obtain a commercial driver’s license, which qualifies you to drive a truck, you have to have a regular driver’s license. This shows that you’ve mastered the basic driving concepts and are ready to learn something more advanced.

2. Get the Necessary Training

Before you can get your CDL, you have to go through training to learn to handle a large commercial vehicle. The training consists of both classroom instruction and practical driving experience so you can learn the necessary skills in a safe, controlled setting. You can enroll in a private truck driving school or a program at a community college. Whichever you choose, just be sure it is accredited first.

3. Get Assistance With Job Placement

Once you have received your CDL, you then need to find a job so you can start gaining the necessary experience. Fortunately, there are many resources available to truck driving job seekers. There are literally thousands of trucking jobs listed on online national job boards. There are also truck driving organizations that offer their own job boards specific to trucking. You may be able to work with a professional recruiting service, or your truck driving school may offer some assistance as part of your tuition.

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