Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windshield


Your windshield is part of your vehicle’s safety features. It protects you from weather and debris, but it also protects you during an accident. However, when your windshield is cracked, this safety mechanism is compromised. In addition, cracks and chips can impede your visibility and actually cause accidents. Therefore, you should get damaged windshields repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. These are a few tips to ensure that your new windshield lasts.

Delay Driving Your Vehicle

Whether you take your car to a shop or seek mobile windshield repair St Charles MO, you should avoid driving for at least one hour. To create a strong seal, the adhesive around your window needs to set completely. Therefore, wait as long as possible to drive. The bumps in the road and wind or debris hitting the car can compromise this seal.

Leave the Retention Tape

Retention tape is typically used to improve the seal on your windshield because it prevents the moldings from moving. Leaving this tape on will protect these moldings as they dry, keeping out dirt and debris. Therefore, the retention tape should be left on your vehicle for at least the first 48 hours or so. Once your adhesive is dry, it is safe to remove the tape.

Crack Your Windows

For at least 24 hours, keep your windows cracked at least one inch. As your car sits, air pressure builds up on the inside. This pressure pushes against your windshield, compromising your adhesive, and may result in leaks or other damage.

Avoid the Car Wash

Car washes typically use high-pressured water to wash your car. This pressure can get under your new windshield seal, preventing them from adhering properly. It is best to avoid washing your car all together for the first few days, but if you have to wash your vehicle, consider hand washing the parts that need cleaned. Avoid washing around the windshield if it is at all possible for at least 48 hours.

The first few days of your new windshield’s installation will determine its longevity. Find a reputable replacement service and follow these tips to ensure a long-lasting windshield.

Posted June 30, 2021 by Car Blog in category General