Why It Is Important To Have A Car Accident Lawyer For The Trial


Finding an experienced trial attorney is important for those who suffer personal injuries from car accidents and any other accident. Once one’s claim has been accepted as valid, and you can proceed, there are many necessary things that need to happen prior to the testing process. A good car accident lawyer will know the importance of informing the accused person that they are responsible, filing various motions, and negotiating with opposing legal counsel. If a settlement is not negotiated as fair to the plaintiff and there is sufficient evidence, the personal injury lawsuit begins. The legal team will organize any witness testimony, archive all evidence, and complete all necessary paperwork for the trial.

Personal Injury Trial: Jury Selection

Once your trial is set to continue, your legal team will select a jury. They will choose impartial people to pass judgment according to the direction and instructions of the court. However, the defense team will try to complicate the process by choosing members who can challenge the case. That is why the jury selection process is so important to determine the success of the case.

Personal Injury Trial: Case Processes

The processes of your case and the details of the car accident will vary by judge and court. Opening statements are first given before the jurors or panel of jurors. Sometimes it is possible to ask questions of certain potential jurors, other times not. Some questions might be about your age, your drinking habits, your lifestyle choices, and other things that would affect your ideology in the car accident. If the answer is not to your liking, you can excuse yourself. The legal team will explain the court processes to you before your case begins.

What Is The Voir Dire Procedure?

This process attempts to determine if members have any bias towards the claim. For example, the juror could look at whether you have ever been involved in an accident or do you have a loved one who was? Asking these personal questions allows us to get the best possible feedback and make the best decisions when it comes to choosing a jury for your case.

Personal Injury Trial: Evidence

Once the jury is chosen, opening statements are made. These opening statements are intended to appeal to the emotions of the jury. They establish the case and what is expected throughout the trial. From there, witnesses to give their testimony, which will help the jury reach a verdict at the end of the trial. Each group of lawyers asks questions of the witnesses. The process continues until there are no witnesses left and each side rests.

Final Statements And Verdict

Once all evidence has been presented, witness statements detailed, and all legal processes completed, closing arguments are heard. The legal team will attempt to discredit the defense to make your case appear as strong as possible. Once this is completed, the jurors deliberate to reach a verdict. There must be consensus for a verdict or this is an indecisive jury. If the members of the jury cannot reach a consensus, the judgment is declared null and void. In a car accident, it is best to retain a car accident lawyer to defend you to the full extent of the law.

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