Why A Car’s Oil Change Is More Than Just Changing Oil


If you’re used to working on cars, you know the importance of regular oil changes and checking fluid levels. For those of us who may be unfamiliar with what happens at an oil change, you may be surprised to know there are 9 fluids, in addition to replacing oil that should be checked at scheduled intervals, most often during the time a vehicle’s oil is serviced. In addition, there are also other safety checks that need to occur frequently such as checking wiper blades to ensure they will provide excellent visibility during a harsh storm, or replacing air filters to ensure systems receive the cooling they need to function properly. At Auto Oil Changers, they understand each vehicle requires a 16 point inspection to make certain areas that receive the most wear and tear on your car are properly lubricated and are working as intended.

Performing this task multiple times a day leads to efficiency. That’s why, in addition to changing the oil and filter of a vehicle, fluids, filters, and wipers can all be checked in 10 minutes. If any issues are found, customers will be notified and best of all, other services can be performed by skilled technicians, eliminating the need to drive from one place to another for service.

You car depends on you as much as you depend on it. Give it the best care it can receive by having it serviced on time, every time.


Posted December 2, 2015 by Car Blog in category General