Where to Repair? Dealer or Independent


The choice of whether to repair your car through a dealership or independent auto- repair shop seems to be the question many car owners are asking, but without certainty. Despite numerous existing myths, independent auto repair shops can service and repair cars just as well as the trusted auto-dealers. When seeking for a qualified auto-mechanics, the most critical factors to look for, include; convenience, customer service satisfaction, cost and availability.

Myths regarding Auto-Dealership Repair Shops

Most people believe that car dealerships understand cars better than independent automobile repair shops, because they possess the technology to fix cars better. However, this belief is usually not entirely truthful because most independent auto-mechanics also posses the relevant technical knowledge, and experience of fixing different car models. There is also a wide held belief that auto-dealerships are always too busy fixing other peoples cars. The reality is that the busy schedule is mostly as a result of the dealers fulfilling appointed warranty’s or recalls. This is, however, not usually done at the expense of service customers.

Benefits of using Independent Auto-repair shops

Most independent auto-repair shop mechanics are passionate about their work because this is the essence of their business. Because their business revolves around customer service satisfaction, independent auto mechanics are usually dedicated to building long term relationships with customers by delivering customized services. Another advantage of using independent repair-shops is that most of them are on-call 24 hours a day, to offer customer’s services such as vehicle drop-off, free-pickup and delivery and even on-line vehicle clinic scheduling.

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