When to Write Blog Posts?


When do you write your blog posts? There is an interesting way to write posts for your blog. I am not going to discuss the style of writing, or even the length of posts, but rather how to plan writing your posts during the week. Usually bloggers write a post on their blog whenever they realize that they should post something, or whenever they see that they do not have enough posts this week or month. This can be quite difficult as often you have to write posts every day of the week, and since it takes some time to get started, a lot of time is wasted or not used very effectively. So anyway, the new idea for writing posts is as follows:

-You write all of your weekly posts on a chosen day of the week. The previous day you choose the topics for your posts. That is because choosing the topic for posts is very important, and you should have sufficient time for this.

There are a few reasons why I like the idea of writing posts this way. First of all, you are not in a hurry to select topics for posts and consequently you will probably choose more interesting topics. Secondly, you have other days of the week to work on different things that will give you time for other work related to your blog like marketing etc. Finally, writing a few posts in a row seems easier instead of writing them separately. That is because this way you are only focused on writing, and I believe that makes your work more efficient.

Posted June 3, 2013 by Car Blog in category Hobbies