Earn Money Browsing


There is a search engine called SlashMySearch that claims that their search engine is designed to get the best results on the Internet quickly and effectively. Using proprietary algorithms, their search engine is able to “slash” through more of the junk, and find the most relevant results. They filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, their databases, and several other sources. They also track what results get visited the most, and refine their database with that information. Personally, I think that it is a matter of personal preference which search engines someone likes the most. I suggest checking out this search engine to make up your mind if you find it appealing.

Anyway, the company behind this search engine believes that the profits made on the Internet should be shared with the users that are helping make that happen. That is why you are going to be paid for surfing the Web. You simply have to set the website as your homepage, and use it as your primary search engine in order to earn money.

You do not ever have to pay anything, so you are protected from actually losing money. I would like to add that you might also earn money, even if you decide not to use their search engine at all by obtaining referrals. I think that most users will not switch to their search engine completely, but they will want to participate in this opportunity, and try to acquire referrals. Summarizing, I would like to indicate for whom this offer is especially attractive:

-People willing to acquire referrals, since the profitability of this opportunity also greatly depends if a person has the resources to acquire referrals.
-People who do not mind changing their search engine to SlashMySearch, or at least checking it out.

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