What’s The Best Way To Record Your UTV Experience


If you’re a fan of the ATV and UTV world like us, then you’ll want to live in the moment for each and every experience. Every bump, jump and acceleration can be thrilling, but what if you wanted to record it? Well, it’s not nearly as hard as it seems and as cameras continuingly get smaller and more robust, it’s a lot easier and also safer to record your UTV and ATV travels than ever before. So, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to do this.

GoPro Hero3+

There can be very few people who can dispute what GoPro has done with the creation of its camera range. These rough and ready cameras are the perfect option for extreme action photography as they’re light, rugged and easy to mount on the ATV or on yourself if you feel the need. They film in HD and some even in Ultra HD and many offer wireless capabilities, as well as the option to post straight to social media and the web.

The devices have been used for filming jumps from the edge of the atmosphere, have fallen out of airplanes and survived and are a fantastic option for filming your ride.

Dashboard Phone Mounts

The dashboard phone mount is also an option and is one that’s quite common in motor racing and a number of other pursuits. They’re also a lot lower priced than the likes of a GoPro, which can set you back hundreds of dollars.

However, they do have some downsides and we can imagine on a bumpy ATV ride these issues could be exacerbated somewhat. Issues regarding vibration and camera movement could most certainly be a problem and even the best mounts with ‘anti-vibration’ options may end up causing issues. Of course, other issues come in the shape of being only able to record from one static position before having to remove the mount and place it elsewhere.

Using a phone too has its own issues and can be a bit of a risk. When you consider that the latest iPhones or other top of the range devices cost upwards of $500 – you have to ask if you’re happy to take the risk on rough terrain? It could be fine, or you could end up having to consult your phone insurance company with a quite strange tale. As a company who sell batteries to the leisure market, Alpha Batteries discusses a lot of the ins and outs of such activities and owing to better quality phone cameras; increasingly people are using their phones to record footage.

Dash Camera

There are numerous dashboard cameras out there that are more than capable of taking the footage you want – most in HD and many are also waterproof and perfect for the job at hand. These can be purchased for quite a low price, meaning that even if it does have issues, it’s not nearly as expensive as a phone. However, you do tend to pay for what you get and the likes of the GoPro and others tend to be smaller, easier to use and offer a lot more than a low cost dash camera. They certainly have their place, but it’s worth being aware lower pricing often means less for your money. The same goes for parts, going cheap vs buying something like deviant race parts.

For those looking to record their ATV and UTV experiences there are numerous options out there, though these we feel are among the most suited.

Posted March 4, 2014 by Car Blog in category General