Choosing the right kind of wheels for your car can be a little confusing especially if there is a specific look you’re going for. With tons of big rims for sale in the market, it’s understandable why many people would prefer a much more bold and aggressive look for their vehicles. There are different kinds and variations to choose from but knowing and understanding the one that matches your car is the most essential part of the customization process.

Choosing the right wheel offset can help emphasize the aesthetics of your car. It also helps your car serve the purpose you intend to use it for whether it’s only for cruising through the city or it’s for off-road driving. Learning about the different types of offsets would probably help you choose if you plan to buy new aftermarket wheels in the near future.

Wheel Offset Explained

To simplify, the offset of your wheels refers to the distance of the mounting surface to the centerline of the wheels. There are three different types of offsets- zero, positive, and negative. The offset determines how much your wheels stick out of the wheel hub and also how your car may perform in terms of handling.

Positive Offset– The more positive the offset, the more it will sit inside the car. It would stick out less creating a more subtle and simple look. Many people who drive rough terrains may opt for positive offset wheels because it allows them to have sufficient clearance inside the wheel well.

However, having overly positive offset wheels may cause your vehicle to be more prone to damages due to excessive rubbing on the inner parts. It may also be more difficult to handle your vehicle and can cause tire failure.

Negative Offset– The more negative the offset is, the more it will stick out of the car. This creates a more rough and aggressive look for your vehicle. Racing your car with negative offset wheels allows you to cover a wider track.

The main issue with having excessively negative offset wheels, however, is the fact that it can cause your steering wheel to kick back which makes it difficult to handle. It may also cause a strain on your suspensions.

Zero Offset– Zero offset wheels are neutral. It means the mounting surface of the wheel is on the centerline. Plenty of big rims for sale are zero offset wheels because it’s a safer option compared to the ones aforementioned. A lot of brand new vehicles also come with zero offset wheels and it’s usually up to the customer whether they prefer to customize their rims to other types of offset wheels.

Considering the Backspacing

Do not deviate more than 5 millimeters from the stock offset if you want to change the offset of your current wheels. If you want wider and bigger wheels, you need to consider the backspace. This will ensure that you don’t over-adjust the offset without noticing. Considering the backspacing is just as important as figuring out which offset wheels work for you. Although you can choose many big rims for sale nowadays in the market, it’s still important to ask for advice from specialists.






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