What to Look for in an Auto Repair Shop


Finding a new auto repair shop can be daunting. After all, you have to be able to trust that your mechanic won’t scam you or do a poor job. When it comes to looking for a mechanic or auto repair shop, these are three things that you should look for.

Orderly Workspace

You can tell a lot about a mechanic by the state of his or her shop. If you want into the shop and there are parts everywhere, if it looks too messy and disorganized, you may have trouble receiving quality service. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be oil spills or stains. There should be signs of working within the garage. However, it should be as tidy as possible. This shows you that the mechanic cares about professionalism and safety.

Positive Reviews

Most businesses know that online reviews are important for their company. There are dozens of sites that you can check for reviews, including social media. One way to find out if you have a good mechanic in mind is to ask around. Ask any friends or family who have cars who they trust locally. While you should expect every business to have a couple of negative reviews, the majority of reviews should be positive.


When looking for an auto repair shop Marysville WA drivers trust, you need to look for certification. Without certification, you cannot be sure that the mechanics are professional or trained to handle your vehicle. Certification comes from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This is the largest governing institution for mechanics. Many shops only employ certified mechanics.

When you need a high-quality mechanic, there are a few qualities that you need to look for. The most important thing is to make sure that you choose an auto repair shop that you can trust to ask fair prices for their service.

Posted February 20, 2021 by Car Blog in category General