What to Know Before Renting a Refrigerated Truck


There are several reasons to rent a refrigerated truck. For example, you may need to transport large amounts of perishable goods if you’re moving. The cost of diesel fuel may be a factor, so make sure to consider this when deciding. You should also know what types of trucks are available and what type of diesel fuel you’ll need. It would be best if you also asked about the truck’s fuel delivery, as many of these are equipped with a separate tank for the fuel.

Cost for a refrigerated truck rental

The cost of a refrigerated truck rental can vary greatly depending on the size and cooling system. In addition, the price for a day’s rental depends on how many miles the truck will travel and the length of time it will be used. Rental companies are usually willing to negotiate the rate, but the price will likely be slightly higher than a standard truck rental fee. Here are some tips to help you reduce the cost.

When choosing a rental company, choose a firm that charges by the mile and not by the hour. For example, most companies that rent refrigerated trucks will charge you $0.2 per mile or $1.2 per reefer meter hour. Also, make sure to ask about their roadside assistance. This will mitigate any delays. Finally, while renting a refrigerated truck, contact a rental company’s customer service department if there’s a problem.

Types of trucks available for rental

There are several types of refrigerated trucks available for rental. Generally, a 16-foot truck costs about $160 per day to rent, and a 26-foot truck can run around $700 a week. These vehicles are the most popular types of refrigerated trucks available for hire. The average daily price for a truck to rent is $150-300, but you may need to extend the rental time if you deliver multiple products. You can try to look up refrigerated truck rental Washington to see different examples.

The refrigerated trucks available for rent include cold vans, chiller vans, and chiller trailers. These vehicles can vary in size and capacity and hold as many as 26 tons of goods. Depending on the truck’s size, you can choose between the single axle and tandem rear axle models. Refrigerated trucks are also great for extra storage space and are often hired by event organizers.

Common problems with renting a refrigerated truck

If you’re in the market for a refrigerated truck rental, you’ve probably heard about the common problems with these trucks. In addition to being an expensive, time-consuming process, these trucks often require a running engine to maintain the temperature, which can be problematic. While they come with built-in fuel tanks, the added space can limit where you can place them. You also may run the risk of damage to the items inside the unit if a truck is not maintained correctly.

One of the most common problems with refrigerated trucks is noise complaints. The noise from these trucks can be both annoying and harmful to health. But if you’re looking for an efficient alternative to refrigerator box trucks, consider a Polar Leasing unit, which does not produce any noise. It also runs on electricity and is much quieter than other types of refrigerator box trucks. You can avoid these common problems by renting a refrigerated truck rental and focusing on other parts of your business.

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