What to Do After Commercial Traffic Violation


When you’re a commercial driver, a traffic ticket or violation can turn into a serious ordeal. All commercial drivers have specific rules and regulations that apply to them. Your commercial driver’s license or CDL is a critical element of your job. Without it, you couldn’t remain employed. If you have moving violations or any other traffic violations against you, you must consider your options. Here is what you need to do when you’re accused of a moving violation as a trucker or commercial driver.

Don’t Pay the Ticket

When it comes to traffic violations as a passenger vehicle, you will most likely hear the advice to pay for a ticket unless it is an unreasonable cost or could cost you your license. Often, it is cheaper to appear in court or pay the ticket outright. When you have a commercial driver’s license, you have more responsibilities than a passenger vehicle. Not only are you held to a different standard with different regulations, but your license may be the source of your livelihood.

If you lose your license, you could lose your income. Points against your CDL are serious. Not only could you have points added to your license, but you could also have the violation on your driving record and risk higher insurance costs. You may even lose your job. When you outright pay the fine, you are essentially telling the court that you are guilty. This is an admission that can follow you. Wait until your court date to pay the ticket if you have to.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to contact any CDL traffic ticket lawyers. When your job is on the line, you cannot afford to skip out on an attorney. Your lawyer is your legal advocate, he or she is there to defend your case. If you don’t believe that you should have been given the ticket, he or she will look over the facts of your case and determine whether you committed any violations. Then, he or she will take the evidence and build a case on your behalf.

CDL lawyers have experience in cases like yours. They can provide you with advice based on knowledge and experience.

As a commercial driver, you cannot afford to lose your license, to lose your insurance or to lose your job. Instead of paying a ticket upfront, you should consider your options to fight the violation allegations.

Posted December 29, 2020 by Car Blog in category General