Useful Car Mounts


With more and more cars on the road and accidents happening every day, it is very important to pay attention to the road and drive safely. The problem of distracted drivers is common everywhere you turn. A lot of people get distracted while driving and that can be a problem which puts the driver’s life at risk, not to mention the life of others.  Some drivers tend to apply makeup while driving to work, others tend to eat while driving, and some drivers tend to text and talk on the cell phone. Driving while talking and texting on a cell phone is just about the same as driving while intoxicated, as it slows down a person’s reaction time.

The dangers of distracted driving have been debated for a long time which has led many states in the United States to penalize drivers who text and talk on the cell phone, while other states have implemented various campaigns that raise people’s awareness of this problem. Drivers should always remember to put down the cell phone while driving.

The use of a cell phone car mount is an ideal way to place your phone on your cars dash or windshield, which enables you to drive your vehicle with both hands. New smartphones on the market today come equipped with voice activated texting and speaker phone capability which can be beneficial to the driver while using the phone holder in the car. Your life is more important than a phone call or text message, therefore mount your cell phone and simply drive.

Posted August 28, 2015 by Car Blog in category General