Top 5 Advantages of Coating Your Garage Floor


The garage floor takes a beating daily. Whether you use it as an at-home workshop or to park your cars, having the garage floor coated can provide protection and aesthetic appeal. Here are five advantages to having the flooring in your garage covered in a protective layer.

1. Durability

Floor paint may seem like a good option in a garage, but it won’t offer the protection and longevity of a professionally coated floor. Paint can peel and lift up, which can be dangerous and doesn’t look great. Instead, having a home & business floor coating Oakland County MI done by a professional can provide durability for years to come. It can also hide minor defects and improve the beauty of your garage area.

2. Impact-Resistance

A professional floor coat can protect your floor from the impact of dropped tools if you use your space as a workshop. You can drag items across the surface and it won’t be harmed. No more cracks will occur on the surface of your concrete floor when you have a strong top-coat.

3. Easy Clean-Up

Dirt, oil, chemicals and other grime have a tendency to build up in a garage environment. With a protective coating, you can avoid stains and use a hose to wash off the stubborn particles. Sweep up the remaining debris and your floor will look like new again.

4. Safety

A good coating can also provide slip-resistance to keep you safe even if water puddles on the floor. This can prevent falls that could land you in the emergency room with a broken bone.

5. Compatibility

Your vehicle’s tires will last longer and stay in shape better on a smooth garage floor compared to a rougher concrete floor. You can also change your oil and other car fluids without worrying about staining the floor.

To keep your garage floor looking new and thoroughly protected, hire a professional today to lay down a strong top-coat.

Posted March 25, 2021 by Car Blog in category General