Top 3 Interesting Career Choices for Aspiring Translators


Have you been thinking about starting a career as a translator? This fascinating, useful and in-demand profession allows you to explore the ins and outs of language every day. Translators work in a variety of functions and can combine other areas of expertise, like marketing knowledge, corporate experience and more with their translation work. If this is a path that sounds interesting to you, take a look at these fascinating career choices within the field of translation that could be a perfect fit.

1. Professional and Corporate Document Translation

Perhaps one of the most in-demand areas of translation currently has to do with the translation of professional writing and other corporate documents. In fact, document translation services Hamtramck MI are required for companies that want to effectively interact with overseas branches, international collaborators and more.

2. Advertising and Marketing Localization

As companies go global, many require language specialists to help adapt their marketing to different countries. By combining linguistic and cultural knowledge, translators who work in localization help ensure that corporate messages are communicated effectively to new markets. These translators could work for an agency that contracts with different companies, or in the advertising and marketing department of a given company itself.

3. Literary and Artistic Translation

If you’ve got an artistic streak, you might want to look into literary and artistic translation. Literary translators may work for publishing houses or individual authors and work to produce translations of novels, poetry and more. Artistic translators may work for museums or cultural institutions and could translate public exhibitions, captions, infographics and so on.

The field of translation is surprisingly vast, dynamic and in-demand. If you’ve been thinking of going into translation as a profession, consider these three unique career paths that could build on your other skills and potentially open doors for you.

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