The Best European Road Trips


One of the best aspects of Europe is that it is one of the most diverse and eclectic continents on the face of the earth.  Should you opt to take your family on a road trip throughout this region, you will undoubtedly experience unforgettable sights that are certain to be the highlight of the year.  In fact, a growing number of individuals who purchase used cars online through Carcraft and other such portals will employ these trusted vehicles for just this purpose.  So, let us take a look at three of the most popular and exciting touring journeys that are to be found in Europe.

The South-eastern Coast of Spain

Beginning as far south as the Strait of Gibraltar, you will wind your way up sinuous highways that are bordered on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other by the sheer vastness of the Spanish interior.  The climate will be agreeable throughout the year and there are countless locations to pull over and snatch a few photos or take a pleasant picnic.  Along the way, you can enjoy stopovers at such cities as Valencia, Sitges, Barcelona and Girona.

The Pyrenees Mountains

Should you instead prefer to partake in the verdant green landscape that has come to define the French countryside, a vehicular trek through the Pyrenees is certainly an agreeable option.  While some may enjoy a tour through the mountains themselves, another option is to drive along a highway that connects Montpelier to Toulouse.  The cities of Narbonne and Carcassonne can be seen along the way and make excellent rest stops to enjoy a relaxed evening.  Also, choosing this route in the springtime will allow you to witness seemingly endless fields of sunflowers and lilacs; many proclaiming that these sights alone are worth the journey.  Never forget that the majestic Pyrenees Mountains lie directly to the south and on a clear day, they can provide an excellent visual backdrop.

Pas de Calais, France

Used cars purchased through portals such as Carcraft and others can easily reach this location, as the English Channel Tunnel directly connects England with Calais, France.  Upon arrival, expect to enjoy what can only be called a traditional French countryside.  Quaint roads are hugged by hedgerows and small shrubbery while ancient homes can be seen dotted across the soft, rolling hills.  If you wish to take a trip further down the coast, make certain to frequent the city of Boulogne.  Known for its historic port, delectable food and particularly famous as the city that holds Europe’s largest aquarium, Boulogne should not be missed.

There are obviously countless other tours that can be enjoyed across this truly amazing continent.  For example, a trek through the Swiss Alps is a delight as well as buzzing along the coastline of Italy.  Nonetheless, the choices are completely up to what you wish to see and of course, the time that you are allotted during such an adventure.

A European road trip is the perfect family getaway and with so many locations at your fingertips, that perfect holiday is indeed closer than you think!


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