The 4 Ways to Sell Your Car


There are four main ways to successfully sell your car. The speed in which
you need to sell will determine the price you’re likely to get.

1. Sell Privately

This traditional method is the way to go provided you don’t need to sell your
car in the next 24 hours. I can sell my car using Autotrader and provided I follow some simple guide lines the job can be done within seven days and for the most money.

2. Sell to a Car Buying Service

This method is for those people that need to sell there car immediately. But
you’ll endure a much smaller price for your car. You are basically buying
convenience but there is important criteria you’ll have to meet to make your sale.

3. Sell at Auction
This overlooked method does work provided you have a desireable car that dealers
are interested in buying. BCA and Manheim are the main auction houses and they
have depots across the UK. There are also smaller, independent auction houses that
may interest you.

4. Sell to a Dealers
Dealers are going to want your car for a knock down price but similar to car buying
services they are quite convenient. Yes you can make your sales within 24 hours but
be sure to only accept a bank transer from the dealers business account. Do NOT
accept cash under any circumstances.

The Used Car Guy

Posted November 12, 2015 by Car Blog in category General