Snail Mail and the Ballot Crisis


Since the move to a digital world, the U.S. Postal Service has struggled to remain relevant to the world of communication. Emails and text messaging have taken the place of greeting cards and love letters. Though the Postal Service is still needed to help make postcard ideas for real estate agents a successful marketing strategy, many businesses rely on sending faxes, using cloud-storage, and e-documents for their business communication needs. The general services that once kept the citizens of the nation talking to each other have been deemed snail mail, and in keeping with the perceptions of cumbersome and inefficient operations, these services are under scrutiny for their potential impact on this year’s election.

A Nation in Need

In the wake of the coronavirus, many want to pursue voting by absentee ballot in order to avoid potential exposure to the virus. According to the USPS, a massive move toward voting by mail will overwhelm the system, the severity of which could prohibit millions of ballots from being counted by voting deadlines. Just as the American public has exhibited a reduced need for the agency’s services and infrastructure, it now seems to be mission-critical.

A System Without Resources

The USPS has been losing money for years, and in June, a new postmaster general was appointed to help stop the bleeding. In order to make the agency more profitable, immediate actions include cutting back on overtime and limiting late delivery trips. For the present, efficiency is the secondary goal. Profitability is the first. In an election year, this shift in operations could undermine the importance of letting every vote count. Timely mail service is what ensures that absentee ballots count, as deadlines loom and an agency is ill-fitted to address the influx of ballots.

Though the election is still several weeks away, the USPS crisis doesn’t seem to have a strategy in place to prepare for it. The only advice is to send in your ballot early, as snail mail may not get it there in time.

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