Simple Ways to Make Driving in the Rain Safer for Your Teen


Letting your teenage child drive on her own is a scary prospect for most parents, but you know you have to let her do it and grow more independent of you. However, even the most responsible teenager will encounter situations he’s never dealt with before, and it’s natural to worry about him. One of those situations is driving in a downpour of rain or a storm. You can help make the situation less dangerous.


Visit an auto glass specialist and request Aquapel windshield treatment. This silicone-free compound adheres to the windshield of the car and repels rain, fog and moisture. It even prevents wiper streaking and reduces glare, which is especially important if your teen is caught in a rainstorm after sunset.

Fix Leaking Windshields

If there’s a leak in the car every time it rains and you can’t find a crack, it may be due to clogged panel drains or sunroof drain tubes. Don’t let your teen driver be distracted by moisture leaking inside the car during a storm; get the problem fixed at an auto glass specialist.

Trust your teen to adapt to inclement weather conditions as a driver, but provide her with everything you can to give her the best advantages. Driving in the rain is unavoidable, but accidents are absolutely preventable.

Posted September 25, 2015 by Car Blog in category General