Signs It Is Time for Foundation Repair


Signs of foundation problems aren’t always clear. For example, the small crack in the basement wall may be nothing, but it could be a sign of a more serious issue. Unfortunately, if serious foundation issues aren’t found and addressed quickly, they can lead to devastating issues.

The good news is that you can learn the signs of a foundation problem. Keep reading to learn the signs you should call the professionals for foundation repair.

Exterior Cracks

Smaller, fine cracks in your home’s outside walls or your steps aren’t usually something you need to be concerned about. Exterior cracks that seem bigger or have a zig-zag pattern may indicate something more going on with your foundation. If you see brick cracks or even bricks that are sticking out from the wall, you need to have them checked out.

Sheetrock Cracks

If you suspect an issue with your foundation, see if any interior sheetrock cracks run in a zig-zag pattern and go up the wall’s height. It is also necessary to contact a contractor if you notice wallpaper peeling back from your wall and if there are cracks at the junction where your walls and ceiling meet.

Uneven Floors and Doors That Aren’t Square

Most homes are not plumb after they have settled for a few years. However, if you notice a door that is extremely out of square and has cracks in the wall above it, you should have it inspected.

As you can see, there are several signs of potential foundation issues. Knowing what these are will help you know when you need to call the professionals for help. Being informed will help ensure your home does not experience serious or severe foundation issues that lead to serious damage. Calling the professionals is a must if you want to handle foundation issues.

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