Replacement Parts For Commercial Vehicles


Repairing and servicing large commercial quality trucks can be difficult. There aren’t as many specialty garages that can fix mechanical problems in tractor trailer trucks. In fact, some auto facilities cannot handle any body work such as paint jobs for large trucks. Additionally, it is difficult to find replacement parts for major mechanical components of a truck. By contrast, auto parts for passenger cars can be easily purchased online.

Only local garage facilities can provide the proper service and maintenance to large trucks. Technicians and mechanics are trained to work exclusively with diesel engines and other relevant components. In fact, auto mechanics that handle passengers cars may not be qualified to repair and service commercial grade trucks over a certain gross vehicle weight rating.

Engine problems can essentially disable a large truck. A replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, licensed mechanics can install used diesel engine blocks and any other necessary parts. In fact, high quality diesel engines can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Therefore, an engine block with about 200,000 miles of usage still has a solid lifetime remaining. By contrast, most automobile gas engines are designed to last about 200,000 miles before getting dismantled and disposed of.

Commercial quality service shops can also replace major components such as differentials and axles. These parts are essential towards operating multiple wheels that are part of large tractor trailer trucks. Brakes also need to be serviced and replaced very often for trucks that cover long distances such as on freight delivery trips. Brake pads, shoes, calipers and discs are often replaced or updated every several months of after a particular mileage such as 10,000 miles.

Some mechanical truck components are completely rebuilt from older parts. For example, an old engine can be taken apart and combined with components of a used engine that is still functional. Spark plugs, cylinder, valves, gaskets, hoses and other parts can be properly assembled into functional and durable diesel engine blocks for trucks.

Some trucks also require replacements of the chassis. Used truck cabs are examples of major truck body parts that can be replaced. Salvage yards or junk yards often have stacks or loads of different chassis parts left over from old trucks. Cabin doors, interior seats and other large parts can be purchased at very cheap prices. Such truck parts can be restored with paint jobs.

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