In a nutshell, a relay is simply put an electrically operated switch. As any other switch, relays need to be operated in some way. It is common knowledge that many among the relays available on the market usually use an electromagnet to operate, although this is not always the case as from time to time you will encounter switches that are operated differently such as with the help of solid-state relays.

When I look at Genicom Relays, I can all kinds of relays suitable for all types of needs of various industries. It is not a secret that the military as well as aerospace industries are among the top industries where such relays are used. Those two industries are some of the most demanding industries out there and for obvious reasons they demand precision and quality. For this reason, only the highest quality relays can be used in the production of anything that finds its place in the aerospace industry as well as the military industry. Everything that is built for the military or for planes needs to be of highest quality to prevent any accidents from taking place. I am sure that everybody knows about that, and I am also sure that the military in the US only seeks the best providers of such relays.

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