Maintain Your Car With These Tips


Routine car maintenance is the number one thing you can do to keep you car around for the long haul. Keeping track of things like tire rotations, oil changes and general mileage can benefit the overall health of your car. Knowing what else to look for is important as well.

Correct Your Corroded Car Battery

Cleaning a car battery may seem like a daunting task, but car batteries Winter Garden FL can usually be cleaned with ingredients you likely already have at home! Use the simple trick of mixing baking soda and water and using an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush to clear away any signs of corrosion or buildup around your battery terminals. This can elongate the life of your battery, as well as make starting up a bit easier. Be sure to have your battery regularly checked as well; sometimes you may have an underlying issue you don’t know about.

Tighten Up Your Belts and Hoses Care Routine

The belts and hoses under the hood of your vehicle are not just bells and whistles. They are crucial elements to your vehicle’s functionality, so don’t let them go unnoticed or uncared for. Inspecting the belts and hoses can not only help you gauge the health of your vehicle, but can help to prevent future problems with your car’s cooling system. Hoses have a direct effect on your car engine because they allow coolant to flow through them to the necessary receivers. Belts, on the other hand, are the turning mechanisms when it comes to actually moving the coolant through the hoses. Making sure these two elements are in tip-top shape are central to effective car care.

Maintaining your car is not as simple as popping the hood and making sure everything looks right from a visual standpoint. Cleaning everything under the hood is definitely important, but keeping your machinery up-to-date is the key to having a long-lasting automobile.

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