Keeping Your Car Cool In the Summer


As the days get warmer during the summer, your vehicle will do as it sits in the sun. The vinyl on the seats and steering wheel become too hot to touch and the air is stifling to breathe. There are several ways to keep your car cool during these months. Here are a few to consider.

Shade Your Windows

For a more permanent solution, take your automobile into the shop for window tinting waldorf md. This procedure darkens your windows providing long term shade inside your car. You can also purchase a sunshade to cover the front window. This is held in place by your dashboard and the sun visors. You can buy a plain one or you can show your creative side by choosing one that has a photo of your favorite show or another item you enjoy. 

Choose a Place To Park

When looking for a place to park, search for one that is in the shade. These areas could be around tall buildings or trees. This might require parking further than you planned to keep your car cool. Opt to leave your car in a parking garage also instead of the street. The fee to park will be higher than at a meter, but the structure it is in will protect it from the heat of the sun. 

Protect the Interior

Lay a large blanket over the seats or a bath towel over each of the bucket front seats. This will block the sun from overheating the leather and give you a comfortable place to sit. Drape a towel over the steering wheel while you are gone and the car is in the sun. The vinyl will be cool enough to touch when you return. You can also spread a bed sheet over the dash and any other part of the interior it can reach. Then you can pull it free and tuck it away before you drive. 

Posted July 30, 2020 by Car Blog in category General