INKAS® Introduces Huron – A Unique Armored Personnel Carrier


Armored bulletproof vehicles can help protect officers and community members in high risk situations. Huron unique armored personnel carriers are guaranteed to save lives, and will make any community a safer place.

The Huron carrier provides a high level of ballistic and blast resistance and superior handling and off-road capability. The vehicle body is fully armored to take and prevent multiple hits from high power rifles and machine guns. Key components such as the engine bay and fuel tank are protected with armor enclosures. Ballistic material is inserted on the front, sides, rear, roof, and floor, designed to resist incoming ballistic threats from any angle.

The Huron is a unique APC is terms of technical specifications, design and assembly. The vehicle is characterized by a high level of maneuverability and is extremely lightweight relative to its size. The special light weight armor is designed to minimise danger and maximise mobility and off-road capability.

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing facilitates the global delivery of the vehicle to all major seaports and has an ability to arrange airfreight upon special request. INKAS® Huron’s competitive price makes the vehicle accessible for Ministries of Defence, police and other security agencies. Visit Inkas bulletproof cars website to learn about all available customizable vehicles and services.

Posted October 9, 2014 by Car Blog in category General